Screw the f#@&ing resolutions!

Body-shame is SO last season, am I right?!

Let’s make REAL, positive changes this year that ripple out into dozens of successes for YOU this whole year long!! 

I'm not just talking about the body + character image changes you want to make that are too easy to give up on after a few weeks.

No one needs to start the year feeling like crap!! 

Let's make true, lasting, inspirational changes together. (Cause we all know a fabulous outfit can turn a day around in a snap!)

Join the FREE 
#StyleICONChallenge and get inspired in your style + life in 2017!

Starting: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 

How it works

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The 2017 #StyleICONChallenge

Join us below to participate in our January #StyleICONChallenge challenge so you can start 2017 in fabulous self-expressed STYLE! You deserve it! 

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